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DUI Defense (Driving Under the Influence)

Protecting Your Record from DUI

In Kansas, being arrested for drunk driving is an extremely serious matter. A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) will be a permanent mark on your record and may lead to a domino effect of increasingly severe punishments for each subsequent conviction.

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Severe Consequences for First Time and Repeat DUI Offenders

A DUI conviction comes with severe consequences for both first-time and multiple offenders. In Kansas, DUI has mandatory enhanced sentencing. The following punishments await those who are convicted of DUI:

  • First conviction carries a mandatory minimum of between 48 hours and six months of jail time along with a $500-$1000 fine
  • Second conviction is 90 days to one year in jail, which can be paroled if you successfully complete drug and alcohol treatment
  • Third conviction is considered a felony; the state will look at your lifetime criminal history to decide the proper punishment

Acting Quickly Is Important in DUI Cases

One of the first things I tell clients is that they need to send their request for an administrative hearing within ten days after the arrest. If you wait too long, the administrative hearing will be denied and suspension of your driver’s license is automatic.

Suspensions are decided in Kansas through the Department of Revenue. The minimum suspension is 30 days. License are suspended based on the number of occurrences, which include test failures, test refusals, convictions and diversions. The Department can examine your criminal history and see the number of DUI convictions on your record.

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