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Wichita Kansas Protection from Abuse and Stalking Attorney

It seems that almost every day we hear about a celebrity being stalked. In many cases, serious abuse can happen to an individual that has been stalked, as the perpetrator gets more familiar with the victim. Over time the stalker inhibitions become less and they become bolder and more likely to commit serious abuse. If you are in a situation of abuse or being stalked, please contact me today! Stalking and Abuse are serious allegations and can escalate to even more dire situations. You should never tolerate this kind of abuse and think that it will get better. By not acting the abuse or stalking may get worse. There are laws on the books in Kansas that protect you and we need to let them go to work for you now! If you are accused of stalking or abuse please call me ASAP at 316 264 1900 as time is of the essence in clearing your good name. While real stalking and abuse happens all the time, so do false claims, so never hesitate to call before it is to late. I am here to serve you and protect you in any way I can. Let me put the law to work for you today.