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Wichita Kansas Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence has become almost an epidemic in Wichita, Kansas and America. If you are currently being abused, first you need to remove yourself and your children immediately from the situation or environment. Call 911 and seek protection. Then call me at my office, 316 264 1900 ASAP! This is a serious issue in Kansas and across the nation. You have rights and most importantly the right to live in a safe environment and to be safe from violence. I have devoted my practice to serving my clients and giving them every protection that the laws of Kansas allow. You owe it to your children and yourself to seek protection from this violence and abuse today! I can work with you to get a protection order and end the abuse. If there is evidence of abuse, child custody arrangements can also be serious effected. Let me help you get your life back on track. Call me today to schedule a meeting. 316 264 1900